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fiftysha 13 Oct , 2015

Fifty Shades Darker Plot Summary

Ana has left Christian and started her new job, where she works for Jack Hyde as his personal assistant. He constantly seeks her out and she becomes uneasy. Christian asks her if he can take her to a photography exhibit by her friends, Jose the photographer from the article she wrote. She agrees and they reconcile. Christian buys a portrait of Ana so that no one else will get the chance to see it.

Christian buys the company that Ana works for and she is infuriated. He freezes the company’s assets so she cannot go on a business trip with her boss. Christian tells her he was simply protecting her from her boss, who has harassed women in the past. He is proved correct when Jack tries to blackmail her into giving him sexual favors. Ana fights and escapes and Christian arranges to fire Jack.

Ana meets the older woman that Jack had sex with as a youth at a masquarade given by Grey’s parents. A dance with Ana is auctioned and Christians wins with a $100,000 did. Ana is disgusted by the fact that Christian remains friends with the older woman who seduced him and introduced him to BDSM. Elena tries to sew discord between them when she realized that Christian views Ana as a girlfriend and not a submissive.

At work, Ana is in danger from Leila, a former submissive to Christian who begins to stalk her. She discovers that Leila owns a gun. Leila is unstable following the death of her former lover ina car crash. Christian controls Leila using their dominant submissive dynamic when she threatens to kill Ana and Ana worries that Christian won’t be satisfied with a vanilla relationship. Christian proposes to her, fearing she will live him.

Jose want to see Ana but Christian demands that they stay at Escala. He believes JosÈ is his rival. Christian goes missing while flying with Ron Bailey in his helicoptor on the night that Jose arrives just before Christian’s 28th birthday. Sabotage is suspected and Ana realizes that she cannot live without him and agrees to marry him.

The next day, Christian’s parents throw him a lavish birthday party at their home. Kate finds an email discussing the BDSM arrangement between the two and becomes worried. Ana talks to Kate and lets her no that that her and Christian have a vanilla relationship. The two announce that they are engaged and Elena confronts Ana with accusations of being a gold digger and goes on to assert that Christian will never be satisfied unless he has a BDSM relationship with her instead of the vanilla one they currently share.

Christian’s adoptive mother hears Elena talking to Ana and is furious when she discovers that Elena took advantage of her young son. Christian decides it is time to end his relationship with Elena and she leaves in disgrace.

Christian properly proposes to Ana in the boathouse. In the romantic setting, Ana accepts. Jack Hyde is spying on them and reveals that he was the one who sabotaged the helicopter and vows revenge.