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fiftysha 13 Oct , 2015

Fifty Shades Freed – The Final Fifty Shades Book

As the final book in the series, people have high expectations for Fifty Shades Freed. E.L James doesn’t disappoint and delivers a book that not only clears up all of the possible loose ends but leaves the series in a very satisfying place. From the problems of being married to adjusting to changes in one’s life from both sides, the book covers the emotional, mental, and physical aspect of the first months of any good marriage. Of course, it has more than a little BDSM spice thrown in to make it a gripping bedroom read.

The books opens with the happy couple returning from their lovely honeymoon and tensions are already surfacing. Christian has some issues with Anastasia keeping her maiden name for professional matter, she is resistant to changing it but hears him out when she understands how important this is to his ideal marriage.

All seems well until there is a failed kidnapping plot when Christian is on a business trip. Furious that Anastasia snuck out to meet a friend, but glad that she was safe and away from danger, Christian and Anastasia argue leaving Ana feeling like she needs freedom and Christian needs to change.

Ana leaves on a trip with Christian and smells betrayal only to be mistaken and witness a happy proposal between her friends. Upon returning from the trip Ana’s world is again thrown into chaos as her father is hospitalized following a brutal accident. While he does recover, he does so on Ana’s birthday and it taints the sweetness of Christian’s very vanilla gift to her.

At her next doctor’s appointment Ana finds that she has become pregnant after forgetting to take her birth control. When she tells Christian he feels like she has betrayed him and gotten pregnant on purpose. He leaves only to return and reveal that he feels Ana will leave him for the baby, thus making him face the world alone one more time.

Ana finds that he was out drinking with a previous flame and is quick to become angry. This leads to several days of silence between the couple. Christian doesn’t feel like he needs to apologize and leaves on another business trip. While he is away Ana finds out that Mia Grey has been kidnapped and must figure out how to deal with the situation herself.

Ana escaped her body guard, procures a gun, withdraws money at the bank, and tells Christian that she is leaving him for the baby. She finds herself being attacked after she has dropped off the random and hears Christian coming to her aid as she begins to lose consciousness.

After three days she awakens in the hospital with Christian by her side. He is angry but realizes that he truly wants to be a family with Ana and the baby. The book ends with a glimpse at the couple’s two children and another child set to make their appearance into the Grey family.