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fiftysha 13 Oct , 2015

Synopsis Of The Plot Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

Anastasia “Ana” Steele interviews a 27 year old successful Washington entrepreneur for her friend who is sick and unable to do the interview. She is 21 years old and a senior at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington. Anastasia is immediately attracted to Christian but has a difficult time during the interview because she find him intimidating. Thinking she made a bad impression, she believes she will never see him again and is surprised when he turns up at her place of employment, a hardware store.

He buys rope, masking tape, and cable ties, and Ana tells him that her friend would like to do a photo spread. She gets his number and arranges for their photographer friend to take some pictures. The next day, they arrive at the Heathman Hotel in Seattle and Christian asks Ana for a date and wonders whether or not she is seeing anyone. Ana is not, and finds out that Christian is single as well and does not consider himself to be romantic.

Ana is interested but doesn’t think she is good-looking enough for him. He sends her an expensive present and she doesn’t know what to think. She gets drunk while out with friends, drunk dials him, and he comes to pick her up to protect her since she is inebriated. She goes outside, the photographer tries to kiss her, and Christian interupts them. Ana finds herself in Christian’s bedroom the next day where he scolds her for not taking good care of herself.

Christian tells her he wants to engage in sexual intercourse with her but that she must first sign some paperwork. However, he is overcome with desire and makes out with her in the elevator.

Christian takes Ana on a date and asks her to sign a non-disclosure agreement about what they do together, He shows her his BDSM play room and mentions other paperwork. Christian tells her that their relationship will not be romantic, but based on domination and submission. Ana may not touch Christian or look him in the eye.

Christian discovers that Ana remains a virgin and immediately has sex with her before she signs the contract. Christian reveals that his first sexual experience was a with an older woman and was based on dominance and submission. He takes her home and they agree to see each other again.

Christian gives her a computer so she can learn more about the lifestyle and so they can communicate. They meet again to discuss the contract by she is overwhelmed with the idea of having a nonromantic relationship with him and balks at continuing. She doesn’t see him until her college graduation when they decide to continue again. She is then spanked for the first time.

Despite the fact that she has not signed the contract, they continue with the relationship and she meets his family and is given lavish gifts.
She begins working at the Seattle Independent Publishing (SIP), and Ana bristles under the restrictions. At Ana’s request, Christian beats her with a belt, and she leaves the relationship.